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Looking for a Commercial Bridge Loan? Better Have an Exit Strategy

While residential mortgages are often 30 years in length, a typical commercial bridge loan may have a term of only a year or two.  This can be a great benefit in many instances – as an example, you may want to secure a short-term loan right now so you

Commercial Mortgage Credit Score Q & A

Commercial Mortgage Credit Score

Your creditworthiness is the first thing lenders review to predict your repayment reliability when you apply for a commercial mortgage loan.  But do you know exactly what lenders look for? Or what you can do to keep your score high?

7 Common Commercial Mortgage Misconceptions


Ready to begin your search for a commercial mortgage financing solution that meets your unique needs?  Before you make a decision, be sure to take a step back and reevaluate your commercial lending preconceptions.  All too often, these preconceptions are actually misconceptions -- and those could lead to you settling for options and terms that simply are not in your best interest.